Buy a bag, Get a Bag, that’s right, two for one to fill your Easter Baskets or give a little treat to a friend to brighten their day.

Candy trip to Boston yesterday, April 17 yielded the following requests from people throughout the winter. Bit of Honey in Candy Bars, large gummi Fried Eggs, Haribo Gold Bears, Lightning Bugs (these sold out last year in one week). Refilled the following: Ponterfract Black Licorice from UK, Haribo Blackberries and Raspberries, Gustaf’s Gummi Pigs and Jelly Belly Pet Gator, Haribo Gummi Strawberries, and NEW Gummi Poppers and Jelly Belly Sours. New to bag Fruit Sours we found the Chiclets (two kinds) as requested. Another request is Jelly Belly Harry Potter Bertie Botts Beans.

Moving into the barn as soon as the weather breaks, no ice cream till then. Check our facebook page sunrisecorner.com. for updates sometimes done daily.

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Good Day – Sunshine

Wanting nice weather to move forward with the season, attached pictures of the Chocolate Lover’s Fling in Portland on Sunday, April 6 AND SunRise Corner took first prize in FUDGE, our own Witch’s Brew (one of our fall favorites) took First Place, we also got the Kids Award that will be permanently hung in the SARSSM office.

SARSSM (Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine) located in Portland, this is an annual event and it’s participation is locally is wide spread.

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New Items this year at the show are Mark Roberts Fairies to go along with the theme “Romance” in the garden. Added several other fairies for the garden, and of course our “Fairy Houses” made out of gourds. See you there Booth 303, to the left of the entrance watch for the colorful balls and the little girl dresses.

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It’s almost SPRING and after a LONG WINTER we’re ready. As we change over the shop to more bright flowers, add more smooth Hand Creme from Naked Bee and a front seat for Mark Roberts Fairies, stop by and enjoy some fudge or candies from the old days.

REMEMBER WE’RE AT THE BOSTON FLOWER SHOW MARCH 12 – 16. So click onto www.thebostonflowershow.com to get the times, events, and participants. AND the St. Patty’s Day parade is on March 16. Lots going on in South Boston this week.

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Just returned from the Connecticut Flower Show, see www.ctflowershow.com for information, or next www.TheBostonFlowerShow.com for information on tickets, vendors, parking and gardens. The St. Patty’s Day Parade will take place on Sunday (the last day of the show) right in South Boston and next to the venue for the flower show. A great weekend to be in South Boston, see the sights, enjoy the parade and see the show. Cause there’s only three days till spring on St. Patty’s Day. See us in Booth 303 just to the left of the main entrance, the booth with all the lights.

Today is Fat Tuesday and tomorrow begins Lent, so Spring is coming and the flowers will start popping. Posting some flowers to rush the process.

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Connecticut Flower Show

Come and see us at the show starting tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 20-23. We are in Booth 545 near the #12 post in the center. Or check for additional information at www.ctflowershow.com

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SUNSHINE TODAY – Snow tomorrow – Blame Phil

Valentine Day is coming, and that groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter, so come in and get her Yankee Candles (tarts 3 for $5) or jars $3 off to warm the room, Roses to warm her heart, and ladies it’s fudge for Dad cause he couldn’t stay awake during the Super Bowl Game. Boring……Fudge is on Special for Valentine’s Day, get 1 lb for our famous $9.99 price and get 1/2 lb for FREE. So warm up the room, warm up the heart, and warm up the tummy!!!! It’s going to be a long winter. Check out our Facebook page for more frequent posts and also peeps.Think Spring - Happy Valentine's Day

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Oops. The ICE dammed up my brain.

Brain freeze… George Birthington’s Washday is FEBRUARY, not January. See pictures of our heat pipe bursting causing outside ice cycles!!!!

Refer all comments to Insurance company….

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George Birthington’s Washday continued……….

Special Offering on the WASHDAY and VALENTINE'S DAY

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Someone called and asked what does it mean to bring “SOAP” well it’s a washday and those items in the washtub will be up for trade, sale or discount, trade means you can bring “SOAP” and trade for those items (sometimes) odd pieces, broken snowmen, unfinished products (no time to complete) or Christmas Candies on Sale. So you wash and we wash. Come with a tub, come in costume, or just come and wring your hands. Let’s see what will come out in the wash.

Remember to check out our facebook page for additional details.

January 18 thru 20. WASH….WASH

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