Candy Shoppe is open and thousands of pieces and tons of smiles. That’s right, our selection is now so extensive that people are coming from all of southern Maine to see. We can now probably claim to be the largest “Penny Candy” store between Portland and North Conway. So while taking a Drive on Route 25, stop a 25 Ossipee Trail East to SunRise Corner and get your Penny Candy.

We have also added the following products for our Summer Market, Holy Donuts, Glute
n Free Pies from the Maine Pie Company in Biddeford and we’re baking Chocolate Chip Kookie, with vanilla ice cream on top of a Hot Kookie. Creme Horns, Peanut Butter Kookies and sometimes Whoopie Pies.

Our All American outside yard art is here from Vermont, Minnesota, Alabama, Rhode Island and Maine. The Rock Art from Minnesota is especially popular.

Getting ready with Halloween slowly appearing, and you all know how we love Halloween. Working on an Antique Weekend here on the lawn, inquiries 642-7766.

Remember we specialize in American Made Products, so to for more pictures and information or check facebook/sunrisecorner for our daily posts.

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The “Olde Fashioned Candy Shoppe” is up and running, lots of new candies, chocolate babies, violets, bike pops, laser pops…and all the regulars. Had a request for more Astro Pops yesterday and they will come a week from Friday.

On the baked goods side, the Chocolate Chip Kookies are up and running out the door, we bake here so you can order these hot for your Chocolate Chip Sundae, no calories here. The Creme Horns have been a hit and we refill on Saturdays each week, and more if we need to. The Cannolli’s are on hold at the moment, need to order the filling and need to have proper holding place. Will start with ice cream filled cannolli first, and cannolli chips by the package, just like chips come.

News from the Maine Pie…..we have sold out of a case of the Strawberry Rhubard in the 8 inch pies, and almost a case of the Apple. I have ordered for pick up Peach, Blueberry and Strawberry Rhubarb for this week. We are sampling Apple with ice cream the rest of the week. On Monday, June 9 it’s National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day, we will sample Strawberry Rhubarb all day on Monday, June 9. They will be adding Raspberry Pie within the month. Remember these pies are packed and frozen and ready to me cooked. They come in 8 inch and 10 inch pies.

June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and we will be serving small chocolate cones FREE, all day long. June 9 is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day, Sampling that day and June 10 is Black Cow Day (Root Beer Float) Day, serving Captn Eli’s and Ice Cream. June 12 is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day and June 16 is NATIONAL FUDGE DAY. Tasting fudge all day. Let’s see who checks our Blog.

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We have added products to our sweet line of candies and ice cream. We will be scheduling bakery specials during the summer months on the weekdays. These will be hand picked delights that go with some requests made last summer. Everyone has asked for good PIES, and we found Gluten Free Maine Made Pies, all packaged and ready for you to pick up. These are from the Maine Pie Company in Biddeford which is totally a Gluten Free Kitchen. I will keep on hand the 6 inch pie which is good for a hostess gift, or just cause you want pie. They come in Apple, Apple Crisp, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach and Berry Crisp.

On the Bakery side we’ve added French Creme Horns and will graduate to Chocolate Chip Cookies hopefully by July 4th. We have added Pop Corn popped right here in our own machine and Carmel Corn which is GMO and Gluten Free. We will need to develop a schedule for the horns naming a specific baskery day. Stay tuned and make sure you check our Facebook Page SunRise Corner which is posted almost daily.

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The Annual “M & M” Open House is taking place at SunRise Corner next weekend (May 10th and 11th). As regulars know M is for Mom and M is for Me, so bring Mom to the Me Store for Shopping, Treats, Sweets and hopefully great weather.

The yard is ready, the George Washington Apple trees are still not blooming, let’s hope they pop by next Sunday, as they usually do.

We will be opening the Candy and Ice Cream Parlor during the week to be ready for next weekend. Any floral orders for Easter should be made by Wednesday, May 7th so Lauri can design them. We have plenty of yard art and stone fiqures to take from our garden to yours.

So take Mom out for breakfast or lunch and stop by SunRise Corner for Ice Cream and Candy treats, M&M’s, Candy or Flowers.

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Buy a bag, Get a Bag, that’s right, two for one to fill your Easter Baskets or give a little treat to a friend to brighten their day.

Candy trip to Boston yesterday, April 17 yielded the following requests from people throughout the winter. Bit of Honey in Candy Bars, large gummi Fried Eggs, Haribo Gold Bears, Lightning Bugs (these sold out last year in one week). Refilled the following: Ponterfract Black Licorice from UK, Haribo Blackberries and Raspberries, Gustaf’s Gummi Pigs and Jelly Belly Pet Gator, Haribo Gummi Strawberries, and NEW Gummi Poppers and Jelly Belly Sours. New to bag Fruit Sours we found the Chiclets (two kinds) as requested. Another request is Jelly Belly Harry Potter Bertie Botts Beans.

Moving into the barn as soon as the weather breaks, no ice cream till then. Check our facebook page for updates sometimes done daily.

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Good Day – Sunshine

Wanting nice weather to move forward with the season, attached pictures of the Chocolate Lover’s Fling in Portland on Sunday, April 6 AND SunRise Corner took first prize in FUDGE, our own Witch’s Brew (one of our fall favorites) took First Place, we also got the Kids Award that will be permanently hung in the SARSSM office.

SARSSM (Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine) located in Portland, this is an annual event and it’s participation is locally is wide spread.

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New Items this year at the show are Mark Roberts Fairies to go along with the theme “Romance” in the garden. Added several other fairies for the garden, and of course our “Fairy Houses” made out of gourds. See you there Booth 303, to the left of the entrance watch for the colorful balls and the little girl dresses.

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It’s almost SPRING and after a LONG WINTER we’re ready. As we change over the shop to more bright flowers, add more smooth Hand Creme from Naked Bee and a front seat for Mark Roberts Fairies, stop by and enjoy some fudge or candies from the old days.

REMEMBER WE’RE AT THE BOSTON FLOWER SHOW MARCH 12 – 16. So click onto to get the times, events, and participants. AND the St. Patty’s Day parade is on March 16. Lots going on in South Boston this week.

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Just returned from the Connecticut Flower Show, see for information, or next for information on tickets, vendors, parking and gardens. The St. Patty’s Day Parade will take place on Sunday (the last day of the show) right in South Boston and next to the venue for the flower show. A great weekend to be in South Boston, see the sights, enjoy the parade and see the show. Cause there’s only three days till spring on St. Patty’s Day. See us in Booth 303 just to the left of the main entrance, the booth with all the lights.

Today is Fat Tuesday and tomorrow begins Lent, so Spring is coming and the flowers will start popping. Posting some flowers to rush the process.

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